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Quality Website Traffic at Wholesale Rates

The  type of traffic we sell is Targeted traffic and Best Ways to Branding Business. 

X10tv.com International Targeted and Branding option 1

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Quality Website Traffic at Wholesale Rates

The  type of traffic we sell is Targeted traffic and Best Ways to Branding Business.  Everyday, that's more than 50,000 ads view so far just at all our x10tv.com blogs, that's not include your ads at all our JV bloggers blogs and all our JV bloggers always keep latest updated contents for the public to research on.

Some websites like others JV Blogger authors post are places with your sponsor ads that can be find in all our JV Blogger Blogs. A lot of these JV Blogger websites already have some traffic going to them or have a  lot of links pointed to them. People Research with our JV Blogger's contents collection for many reasons, expect surely targeted information that have been Researched before sharing with the public. 

X10tv.com provide marketing solution for Some owner that don't have time to learn how to market their products or services, to be able to make their business work with the advertising offer they want to achieve, or doesn't have time to prepare their ads.  They might have spent a lot of time and money getting traffic to the site, but gave up on lots marketing idea, because it not targeted to their business offer.  However, there are still people going to these marketing sites to look for marketing solution information or products to help them improve their business. 

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High Quality Targeted Ads Traffics Solution with OUR JV BLOGGER CONTENTS

What Make JV Bloggers Marketing Technik difference form others...The ways we package your business ads to get targeted traffic while branding you business to make sure your ads works with our related information content posts, that these posts with only your whole website or blog category or FEED that you get to rent the whole post out with only your ads information, and separated into specific categories and then whatever hits that go to these sites, get directed to you, the purchaser of this targeted type of traffic. 

Buying traffic and just sending it to your website will not necessarily ensure success to your website.  Research and tracking needs to be done to maximize your profits. 

The first thing that needs to be done is to determine your product.  Both our Pop out traffic and text ad traffic can be effective tools so by choosing our ad package either one of our marketing offer, will definitely work for you, by Branding and bring targeted visitors.

Our marketing offer is so easy, all You need to do is to determine what your product is and look at the categories of our JV Blogger content traffic and see which one it best falls into. 

You can use untargeted traffic but that won't get you anywhere near the results targeted traffic will.  Then you need to determine is your product is strictly for what language based viewers or if other countries languages can benefit from your product...

We offer translation services for your ads offer into more than 60 languages... While it may seem like a waste of time with targeted ad, it will always get lesser view than non targeted ads, but the more you narrow down your traffic, the better your results will be...to YOUR OFFER...

Next you need to look at your website.  When a viewer goes to your website, they need to be impressed or see a need to stay within 15 seconds or else they will leave. 

A viewer is very impatient.  However, when buying traffic, these are not sites they directly expected to see, therefore their attention span is even less, maybe 5 or 10 seconds at most. 

That means, you need to not have a cluttered website.  You need to state perfectly clear what you are providing and not give the viewer too many confusing options. 

The best results we have seen come from one page specific ads on your website, with only one or two smaller ads or banners on it.  While sending the viewer to your main site that has more options on it will not mean it will fail, it just might not receive as high a profit as with a specific product on it that the viewer can quickly and easily see.

The last step and what I feel the most important step is keeping track of statistics.  You need to keep track of everything, every time you buy traffic. 

You need to know what category you used, how your website looked, how many banners and text ads you had on it, how long your ad on your website was and basically everything. 

If you buy our ads package with unlimited hits, we provide tracking ad ID, so that you can keep track of how many times a viewer clicked on a certain banner, text ads, whole category and Your FEED Post... See which ones work better than others. 

See how long your viewers stayed.  This can easily be done in our advertiser ads hosting control panels. That way you can Keep track of how many sales you got or how much affiliate revenue you earned...with which ads post you do...that get you the best result... 

This is the best way to maximize your profits.  Sometimes you might not make a lot of click throughs or profit the first time you buy traffic. 

Study what you did and try a different category or set up your website a little differently. Then buy more traffic and compare which way went better.  Learning from failure is the best way to succeed...

But Don't Worry Our JV Bloggers will try their BEST to GET the BEST Related Contents to YOUR ADS OFFERs...So It Time to See our Ads Package Offer, that will help you TO Brand YOUR Business and BRING Targeted VISITORS to YOUR Website or Blog...

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Why choose us?

We send quality website traffic at the most competitive rates possible with the fastest service and absolutely no hidden fees. Your campaign will go live within 24 hours, but in most cases, much faster and last 30 days or less.

PLEASE Complete The Form Below to Activate Your Ad Package / When Your ads is Ready You will recieve a Invoice with Your Ads Traking Information, from one of our JV Blogger that you can Purchase the Ad Package

Unacceptable Content - X10tv prohibits advertisements that contain the following content:

-Any pornographic, full nudity, body parts and vulgar material including animation or artificially censored nudity, all other tasteful adult content;
-Sexual enhancers including herbal supplements, devices, adult toys or products, contraceptive sites that encourage casual sex or suggest promiscuity.
-Prescription contraceptives are acceptable in the "None of the above" category, provided that they do not reference descriptive metaphors in a sexual context or in bedroom activity;
-Dating and find love related advertisements must be tasteful and not vulgar;
-Any material that offers illegal products or services;
-Promotion of violence, racial intolerance, or advocacy against any individual, group, or organization;
-Promotion of fake documents, copied material, or paper mills;
-Any unauthorized use of third party trademarks that either creates a likelihood of confusion that consumers will believe the products or services originated from the trademark owner or is likely to dilute the value of a known trademark;
-Promotion or any attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering;
-Promotion of excessive profanity or violence;
-Hosting or providing links for copyrighted MP3 audio files, video streams, clips, movies, games, applications, or any sound file you do not have the legal right to show, link to, or host.;
-Promotion of illegal activities that infringes on the rights of others;
-Promotion of gambling or online betting or lottery programs;
-Promotion of pyramid or Ponzi schemes, matrix programs and other "get rich quick" schemes;
-Promotion of proxy servers, any anonymizing software, VPN, TOR or anything related to proxies.


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More Detail Info...All Sponsors Ads Package Plans: Sponsor International Languages ALL Plans

Sponsor International Branding Ads Package...Coming 26 May 2024
Basic Plan / Advance / Professional /
International Languages Blog
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YOUR Choice of Languages Blog
Available Ads Languages Can Be Translate International in English to Any Languages...Articles - eBooks - YouTube - Stories Book - Music - Movies & TV Series

Other Languages Articles, e-Books, YouTube, Music, Movies, TV Series, or Story Books Blog...Coming Soon...Waiting for JV Bloggers to Get Ready with Their Blogs Offers...

International Rotation Ads Package Category option $730 per Year 50% Off $365 Per Year…Only $1 per Day/ International Language, Country and Local City or Town Sponsors Rotation Ads Package Sponsor Ads will be Rotate evenly on 4 Ads Package options Position Shown on all X10tv.com and x10.website Blogs on the side Column…on all page, posts, Archive page and Search page TOO…Offers only for the First 10,000 Sponsors Spots

  1. Option 1 All Category Landing Page Related Industry News Spots Rotation Max 1 Medium Presentation Slider Ember Code...
  2. Option 2 All Category Side Column Rotation Ads Max Share in 5 Small Presentation Slider Ember Code Spots...
  3. Option 3 All Category Recommended By Sponsor Middle Column Rotation Text Ads
  4. Option 4 All Category Posts at Informative Articles Rotation Ads Full Presentation Slider Ember Code spots...Include Text Ad, Slider, and Your Website Full Page Post...

Yes Sponsor International Languages Basic Plan Ads Package Come With All 4 Options for ONLY $365...Value at $730...Be the First to Grip this OFFERS at 50% OFF...

Here Is an Example where All Your Posts will Place...All Landing Search Page...Or With Our Advance Package Targeted Category Landing Page option at NO Extra Fee Same Price Deal...You Can Test your ads posts in None Targeted or Switch to Any Targeted Category options...Coming 25/MAY/2024

Go For Professional RENT IT OUT...Static Ad Package Only Your Post at our JV Bloggers Targeted Posts and Category Lists Page Include YOUR RSS FEED...Coming Soon...When ever Our JV Bloggers is Ready for It...

Example...You Can See all the Top to Bottom Sliders SPOTS for RENT...From OUR JV BLOGGERS BLOGS POSTS...ONLY YOUR ADS for the RENTER Spot YOU PICK...

JV Bloggers Targeted Rent It Out Ad Package Category Lists Page Example

Come with Local Targeted Classifier Ad example and All Rent it Out Ads Package come with Targeted RSS FEED Rotation FEED...TOO... Example on Lists Page Left Colum

This will create your Advertiser Account / (NO COUNTRY and Language as USERNAME) / Please write down the JV Blogger Name as discount code...You need it to activate your discount ad package with your advertiser Account username at the bottom "advertiser tracking information area".

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